Oh, I see. Were you viewing my article on your phone by chance? As you know, if you read the article, you can tap or click on the screenshots, and that will lead you to the corresponding gist or Github repository. Gists are available in all the articles I write.

I myself found the use of gists frankly impractical in my articles, Jp. The code I’m presenting in many instances is simply ‘too big’ — there would be streams of it on the screen, and the reader's eyes would glaze over.

I’m not merely ‘giving away’ code for others to copy and paste, I’m conveying concepts. I’m highlighting specific areas of code in those screenshots, I’m presenting the same bit of code in the article over and over again. I would be spending so much time creating and managing gists. No thanks, Jp.

I’m still not convinced, Jp, but you’re invited to keep trying. :)

Freelance Developer