Indeed, MVC is nicer and more intuitive in my opinion than BLoC, Provider, or Redux. That’s why I wrote it when I first started learning Flutter. Note, I’ve called it the “MVC Flutter Framework”, but that’s really a misnomer. MVC is a ‘design pattern’ while BLoC is seen more as a framework. The BLoC approach has more specific means of doing things while MVC merely conveys a pattern separating the Data from the Interface from the Event Handling with only specific means to call a State object’s setState() function. MVC has you separate those three components while the BLoC and other frameworks dictate to you directly how to program your Flutter app. Not something I was ever comfortable with. In other words, I suspect (although I’ve yet to try it) you can implement the BLoC framework within the MVC design. Further reading on MVC may help you decide.