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Do You Speak A-My Language?! and CSV example file
tr getter example and GetX getter and GetX String extension

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As always, I prefer using screenshots in my articles over gists to show concepts rather than just show code. I find them easier to work with frankly. However, you can click or tap on their captions to see the code in a gist or in Github. Tap or click on the screenshots themselves to zoom in on them for a closer look.

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206 sovereign and other stat flags
Other Stories by Greg Perry
Setting Localization Example
Stop sign graphic.
app_translations.dart and screenshot
my_home_page.dart and example
Localizations without calling `of(context)` every time


Of course, in my own little effort to provide a working framework to the Flutter community, I’ve incorporated l10n_translator into my mvc_application Dart package. It too has an example app that demonstrates how text translations can be easily implemented. For example, a screenshot of the ‘Counter app’ code is displayed below with its ‘tr’ suffixes on the appropriate String objects. It’s one of three apps conveyed in my framework’s example app and all allow for text translation with a single tap. Take a look if you like. I dare you. :)

A Framework for Flutter





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