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Nov 26, 2021

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Create A Better Flutter App.

Create a better Flutter app using a better custom template.

flutter create .

Create Flutter

As you know, the command, ‘flutter create .’, will create the de facto ‘counter app’ as the starter app every time you begin a new Flutter project. It’s not a very complicated app — you may even say, it’s not a very helpful one either. An ‘app template’ supplied by the Flutter SDK is used to create this humble little app.

It’s possible, however, to switch out that template and replace it with a better one. In this article, I’ll do just that and introduce a more elaborate template that will deliver a more comprehensive and likely more helpful starter Flutter app for you. In fact, it’ll produce a starter app made up of three separate apps and will implement a number of standard functions and features you would likely find in more production-worthy Flutter apps. Below, are two gif files. The one on the left, you’ll recognize as the original ‘counter app’ while the one on the right you can see is a little more worthy of a typical Flutter app.

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Let’s begin.

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The template that creates that better starter app comes with the package, app_template. When you install it, you’ll find this package under the folder,, on your machine. It is from there where you can copy the folder called, app, and the file called, template_manifest.json, to the ‘templates’ folder in your own Flutter SDK.

app_template installed in the folder

Go to that package's ‘ templates’ folder to retrieve the more elaborate template. The accompanying template_manifest.json file is necessary to list and install the template’s contents. They’re highlighted below. Note, there are two additional templates, contacts_template and counter_template. Both are included under the folder, app, as two of the three separate apps in the starter app. They’re separated out if you want to use either of them as a template instead.

The folder called, app, and the file called, template_manifest.json,

In the screenshot below of my own Flutter SDK’s location, you can see I’ve backed up the original template files and simply copied over the items highlighted. Go to your own Flutter’s SDK location, and find the ‘app’ template through the directories: packages>flutter_tools>templates.

Replace the Flutter SDK template

Copy over those items and with that, the next time you issue the command, ‘flutter create .’, you’ll get a more comprehensive starter app. Again, I would suggest you first backup the original template files, and be aware this better template is always overwritten with every Flutter upgrade. I know, such ‘user templates’ would be a great idea to help you make future projects, and upgrading Flutter should allow for this, however, just such a suggestion was made to the Flutter team some three years ago now with little progress: Support user-supplied project templates for flutter create.

Although, they do seem to be experimenting since Flutter 2.5 now offers an additional template called skeleton:flutter create . — template=skeleton

Starting a new app from the Skeleton template

This better starter app will supply all the ‘must have’ functions and features for a typical app — leaving you to work on the core of your own app. As for why the template is delivered inside the Dart package, app_template. It’s thought that, in future versions, it will be a more elaborate ‘app maker’. Until then, please dig out the templates provided. You’ll be glad you did.


A Better Flutter App #1

Allow your App to get ready.

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