Create A Better Flutter App.

flutter create .

Create Flutter

As you know, the command, ‘flutter create .’, will create the de facto ‘counter app’ as the starter app every time you begin a new Flutter project. It’s not a very complicated app — you may even say, it’s not a very helpful one either. An ‘app template’ supplied by the Flutter SDK is used to create this humble little app.

I Like Screenshots. Tap Caption For Gists.

As always, I prefer using screenshots in my articles over gists to show concepts rather than just show code. I find them easier to work with frankly. However, you can click or tap on their captions to see the code in a gist or in Github. Tap or click on the screenshots themselves to zoom in on them for a closer look.

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There will be gif files in this article demonstrating aspects of the topic at hand. However, it’s said viewing such gif files is not possible when reading this article on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. They may come out as static pictures or simply blank placeholder boxes. Please, be aware of this and maybe read this article on

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A Better Flutter App #1

Allow your App to get ready.



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