Auth in Flutter

Greg Perry
16 min readAug 23, 2019

Logging in using the Auth library package

auth library package

Authentication is a common task put to mobile apps — making it an ideal candidate for a class library. A class library would execute the task in a formalized and standardized fashion — making authenticating a breeze. I use such a class library for my own apps in the form of the Dart package, Auth. I will use ‘example’ code to demonstrate this package. This example code can be viewed in the Dart package’s example tab. I’ll then follow up with the traditional ‘walkthrough’ the class library in nice ‘easy to read’ screenshots.

I Like Screenshots. Click For Gists.

As always, I prefer using screenshots over gists to show concepts rather than just show code in my articles. I find them easier to work with frankly. However, you can click or tap on these screenshots to see the code they represent in a gist or in Github. Ironically, it’s better to read this article about mobile development on your computer than on your phone. Besides, we program on our computers — not on our phones. For now.

Let’s begin.

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